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We are a group of women working together on our health + fitness goals.  Which can be a really hard thing to do without support – especially in a culture that fosters negative body image and difficult relationships with food.  Trying to find your way in fitness while staying body positive can feel nearly impossible, which is why I’m building an online community to help you do just that.

coaching packages include:

→ home workouts you can stream from anywhere

→ a customizable meal plan + daily superfoods

→ lifetime membership to our online community

→ 1 on 1 coaching from me whenever you need it

→ help developing your own long-term health + wellness plan

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my story – the short version

I started doing home workouts in January of 2011, after two back-to-back car accidents left me out of the gym, afraid of getting injured  I had been an overweight kid, trying fad diet after fad diet, and eventually lost 60 pounds as a teenager when I developed an eating disorder.  As an adult, I was able to start repairing my negative body image through strength training, and losing that ability was a major setback for me.  I felt stuck.  I could feel myself losing strength and energy, and generally not feeling that awesome.  I was stoked to find an online wellness group that was doing at-home workouts and nutrition planning together, because I knew that it would be easier to pace myself and stay committed if I had support.  Prior to this, when it comes to dieting I had done it all – and I can definitely say that this is the only program I’ve ever followed that has been adaptable and enjoyable enough to maintain it as a lifestyle.  I can’t wait to share it with you!