facebook groups

Get social on social media!  I run a few niche Facebook groups to help bring people with common interests & goals together.  Which one is right for you?

vegan blog squad [join group]

A group for bloggers and aspiring bloggers to connect and share ideas, while creating content to help animals.  You don’t have to have an established blog yet, but you must have a blog URL to join.  If you don’t have one, I would suggest setting up a free blog with WordPress.

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vegans of disneyland [join group]

Find friends & vegan food at The Happiest Place on Earth!  We share park news and the latest vegan-friendly food options, as well as periodic meetups.  Single riders unite!

vegan petsitters network [join group]

Talk shop with other professional pet sitters, and grow a happy, healthy business.  You might even pick up a client referral!  You must already be an active pet sitter or dog walker to participate, but if you are interested in starting a pet business I highly recommend Six-Figure Pet Sitting by Kristin Morrison to help you get started.

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tremendous dynamite [join group]

This is my private wellness group where we complete home workout challenges, exchange meal ideas, and work on developing a healthy mindset about food + fitness.  Regular participation is encouraged, and there’s always someone there to motivate you and provide support when you need it.  Did I mention there’s prizes?

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