Oh, hi!  I’m Lisa, and this is my brand new baby blog.  When it grows up it will have content for animal lovers, creative entrepreneurs, activists, volunteers, vegans, and the veg-curious.  I’m a bit of all of the above.

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I became vegan in 2010, after I saw Jonathan Safran Foer’s interviews on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and immediately bought his book, Eating Animals.  I didn’t start reading it right away though, because I knew the knowledge that was about to be dropped would change my life in a way I wasn’t quite ready for.  I gave myself until the New Year, and between reading the book, visiting farmed animal sanctuaries, and watching/reading undercover farm investigations, I knew I’d be vegan for life.

I heard JSF isn’t even vegan anymore.  Sell-out.

Veganism led to activism, and within a few months I started getting involved in grassroots campaigns for animals.  I was also inspired to start a campaign of my own, which led to the closure of a local pet store chain and made my hometown puppy-mill-free.  It was kind of awesome.

Right now my life revolves around the pet sitting service I’ve run full-time since 2011, and finishing my undergraduate degree in behavioral science.  I’ve had an on-off relationship with school and originally wanted to become a veterinarian, but now I’m not quite sure what the future holds.  I do know I want to help animals, and people.. and people who love animals.

I grew up in the Los Angeles area, and currently live in San Pedro, California, with my rescue pup and two cats.