the best of vegan youtube

The past few weeks have found a lot of YouTubers I’ve never heard of getting a lot of attention by announcing they’re not vegan anymore!  That’s cool, but I’d much rather give the spotlight to folks who are still creating entertaining, informative content to help animals and make the vegan lifestyle more accessible.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1:  the vegan zombie

This was probably the first vegan YouTube channel I ever watched (because, duh, zombies), and they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary!  The Vegan Zombie features host Chris Cooney, with pop-ins from co-creator Jon Tedd and other guests.  Content includes easy to follow recipes, vegan product reviews, event coverage across the country, and more.

2:  no egg craig

I found No Egg Craig through his crossovers with The Vegan Zombie, which usually involve cooking a meal on Chris’ channel and then Craig’s family mukbangs it.  Although the channel primarily revolves around food, Craig also talks openly about living with an autoimmune disease, and his personal experience using a vegan diet to manage symptoms.  His grocery shopping videos with mom are definitely one of my favorite things on the internet, and if you need more mom jokes in your life you’ll definitely want to subscribe to this channel.

3:  sweet simple vegan

So many recipes!  Jasmine & Chris produce a ton of recipes to help you create some pretty impressive meals, even if you’re short on time or working with a tight budget.  They also do a great job of incorporating lifestyle and behind the scenes content, which sets them apart from a lot of other recipe channels.  I like to get to know the people behind the brand, and Sweet Simple Vegan definitely has that personal touch.

4:  happiest vegan on earth

Lisa at Happiest Vegan on Earth mainly focuses on Disney and Disneyland related content, and has created comprehensive guides to all the vegan options across the California parks.  (I always have her website open in my browser on my Disneyland days!)  I also love seeing her Disney movie reviews and trailer reactions from a vegan perspective, since Disney movies absolutely changed the way I saw animals, and made me start thinking about animal rights at a young age.  This channel is fairly new compared to the others, but I can’t wait to see where it goes!

5:  the cranky vegan

I love a good foodie channel as much as the next guy, but it’s great to have a channel focused solely on activism.  Jake Conroy at The Cranky Vegan covers animal rights news, trends, and history.  He also talks strategy and offers unsolicited but constructive criticism for campaigns that could be more effective.  His 3 minute thursdays are a quick and entertaining way to stay caught up with what’s been going on in the movement this week.

6:  cheap lazy vegan

Definitely need to start by saying I LOVE HER BUDGET MEAL PREP VIDEOS!  I’m always busy and on a pretty strict budget, so thinking about cooking and meal planning can feel pretty overwhelming.  (Anyone else regularly buy takeout while the groceries you bought are spoiling in the fridge?  Yeahhh.. me neither.)  Rose at Cheap Lazy Vegan shows that vegan meal planning on a budget is totally possible, and I love that she finds different ways to use ingredients a lot of people already have in their pantries.

7:  brown vegan

I originally found Monique Koch of Brown Vegan through her podcast, where she covers veganism from the perspective of a mom, a business owner, and a woman of color.  Her YouTube channel is more food-centered, which creates an awesome visual to go along with the podcast episodes I’ve been listening to.  I love Monique’s non-judgemental approach to promoting a vegan lifestyle, and her content will be valuable to seasoned vegans and newbies alike.

8:  pick up limes

This is a beautiful channel by Sadia Badiei covering all kinds of vegan meals, from fancy to the everyday.  Sadia has a degree in dietetics, and makes even basic, easy-to-make meals seem special.  “Pick Up Limes was created as a medium to share uncomplicated vegan recipes that are nutritious, delicious and visually appealing. It’s as easy as that.”  Watch:  5 meals I eat each week.

9:  farm sanctuary

After I went vegan, one of the first things I did was visit Farm Sanctuary in Acton, CA.  Connecting with these animals really made my decision more concrete for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who might be questioning why they should go vegan, or struggling with their commitment.  If you’re unable to make the trip to a sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary’s YouTube channel is a great place to start.

[Note:  The video below isn’t graphic, but does contain a few seconds of upsetting audio.  It tells the story of Julia’s life, before and after Farm Sanctuary.]

I hope this post introduced you to some new content creators to add to your rotation!  Who are your favorite vegan YouTubers?  Let me know, and I will check them out!

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