my favorite vegan disneyland meals [under $15!]

This year I became a Disneyland Annual Passholder for the first time, and have spent the past three months eating my way through the parks!  There is a bit of a learning curve to eating vegan at Disneyland, but once you’ve got it down it’s pretty easy – and also kind of amazing.  Before you dive into my guide, here are a few things you should know:

  • Some Disney restaurants require reservations on busy days, but for the sake of convenience and spontaneity I’ve only included quick service options in this post – no reservations required!
  • All prices listed are before AP discount and before tax.
  • Please note the MODIFICATIONS bullet point below each item before you order.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to talk to the cast member who takes your order and let them know you’re vegan.  Sometimes I’ll give them my modifications and ask, “that makes it vegan, right?”  In my experience the cashier usually knows what that means, but if they don’t there’s someone nearby to confirm.

Please let me know if you have comments or questions, and have a great time in the parks!

 1. frontierland – rancho del zocalo | veggie tostada salad – $12.49*

  • Modifications:  This isn’t officially on the menu, so just ask for a veggie tostada with no cheese or sour cream.  You can also add rice, which is vegan.

This was the first vegan meal I had at Disneyland, and it’s still one of my favorites.  It’s hearty, flavorful, and loaded with veggies.  I think the only downside to having so many vegan options elsewhere is that I don’t get to come to Rancho more often!  *The price given is for the meat-based option; believe it or not, your veggie will actually be cheaper.

2.  paradise garden park [DCA] – paradise garden grill | seasonal vegan item

  • Modifications:  This will vary by item, but the last three seasonal items have been labeled vegan as-is.

So, I don’t even know what the next seasonal item at Paradise Garden Grill is going to be, but the last three have been so great that I had to include it on my list.  For Festival of the Holidays they had a vegan chile relleno, at Lunar New year it was a vegan orange tempeh bowl, and currently for Food & Wine Festival they’re featuring this Impossible meatball sub ($11.99).  These have all been clearly labeled as vegan, and a quick glance around the dining area proves they’re a huge hit with vegans and meat-eaters alike!  You definitely don’t want to miss this option – I would recommend putting it near the top of your list.

3. critter country – hungry bear restaurant | messy melvin’s vegan burger – $13.49

  • Modifications: As you might have guessed from the name, this meal is vegan as-is!  I definitely prefer the standard burger bun over the hard ciabatta this comes on, so you can double check with a cast member that it’s vegan (it usually is) and make that substitution if you like.

When they named this burger messy, they weren’t lyin’.  You might not start with chili fries, but you’ll end up with them.  The patty is from Beyond Burger so you can’t go wrong there, and Hungry Bear is one of my favorite restaurants for atmosphere and escaping crowds.  Look out onto the Rivers of America, watch the Mark Twain go by, and try not to drop chili on yourself.

4. various locations | mickey pretzel & dole whip – $5.25 + 5.69

  • Modifications:  None.

Um, is this a meal?!  A lot of things revert back to a childhood when I’m in Disneyland: my imagination, my sense of wonder.. my appetite.  I don’t see any parents anywhere telling me it can’t be a meal, do you?  My favorite place to get a pretzel is Tomorrowland because the seating is usually less crowded (plus who doesn’t love that futuristic beep boop music from 2004).  But if you’re trying to hit up both of these at once, I recommend the pretzel cart across from The Golden Horseshoe, and Tropical Hideaway for your Dole Whip.  You can also get a Dole Whip Float ($6.49, vegan as-is), or Loaded Whip ($7.99, order with no cookie sticks).  Now, go spoil your dinner.

5. fantasyland – red rose taverne | enchanted samosa sandwich – $11.29

  • Modifications: Order with no fried green beans, and ask for fries or apple slices instead of pommes frites.

I didn’t list these in any particular order (it would be too hard!), but this sandwich is definitely in my top 3.  It’s pretty big and super filling, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.  It also has a great samosa flavor, and I loved every bite!  Red Rose Taverne is a cute little Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, which makes it a hit in my book.

6. tomorrowland – alien pizza planet | gluten-free vegan cheese pizza – $6.79

  • Modifications:  For this you’ll actually need to place your order with a chef – which actually makes things really easy, because you can confirm you ordered correctly right with the source.  Just let them know you want a vegan cheese pizza, and your wait will be about 10 minutes.  This option is also gluten-free!

This doesn’t look like much, but the crust had a little herb thing goin’ on and was actually more flavorful than I expected.  Plus, it’s only $6.79!  If you’d like more toppings on your pizza, you’ll have to go over to Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta at DCA and ask for a vegan pizza with sauteed veggies.

7. disneyland hotel – tangaroa terrace | lentil garden bowl – $11

  • Modifications:  None.

Did I feel like a rich witch eating this spa food overlooking the Disneyland Hotel pool or what?  This bowl was really delicious, and as you can see from the bottom photo it’s full of hidden yellow curry sauce.  This is a great spot to escape the crowds, and eat something different from your typical park food.  You can also get Dole Whips here, or a cocktail from Trader Sam’s next door.

8. new orleans square – royal street veranda | vegetable gumbo – $11.49

  • Modifications:  None, but I still got nervous and said no cheese.. even after they told me none of the soups come with cheese.

I finally tried the infamous Disneyland bread bowl gumbo!  It was everything I dreamed of and more.  The dining area at Royal Street Veranda is pretty small and often full, so I took mine over to the French Market and ate there – just follow the trail of beignet dust and you’ll find it.  They also have a stage at French Market, and it’s likely you’ll catch live music there or coming from the river.

9. pacific wharf [DCA] – lucky fortune cookery | asian rice bowl w/ tofu – $12.49

  • Modification:  Not really a modification as this is a build-your-bowl kind of vibe, but thai coconut curry is the only vegan sauce and tofu is the vegan protein option.

It took me a while to come here because the option looked like a lot of veggies and rice, but it turned out to be really good and very filling.  The tofu is soft, which isn’t what I’m used to, but it totally worked.  They’ll give you a fortune cookie with your bowl which is sometimes vegan and sometimes not, but you can ask them to check if you’re really jonesing for one.

10. downtown disney – earl of sandwich | veggie sub – $8.99

  • Modifications: No feta, no dressing.  Add mustard or balsamic glaze.

This has been my go-to when I’ve had too much fun in the parks and haven’t stopped to eat, but now it’s time to go home and I’m starving.  It’s a pretty basic veggie sandwich, but toasting it and adding balsamic glaze is what makes it awesome.  If your feet are tired, take the Monorail from Tomorrowland to Downtown Disney, and it’ll drop you off just a couple doors down from Earl of Sandwich.

There you have it!  Did I include any of your favorites, or miss one of your must-eats?  If you try any of these options, I’d love to hear what you think!

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