a celebration of suncafe & their anticipated new location

On Saturday, March 2, I joined a small group of guests to celebrate SunCafe and learn the details of their highly anticipated second location.

This event also marked the launch of their KickStarter campaign, which will help them secure a great new space in Santa Monica offering ample parking, a full bar, a banquet room for community and private events, and even a dog-friendly patio.  Did I mention they plan to stay open until 2 a.m.?

If you’ve not yet had the privilege of dining at SunCafe’s Studio City location, you’ve been missing out.  Any time I go, I know I’m guaranteed a special meal no matter what I order (although I tend to be pretty loyal to those nachos).  If I had the power to move any of LA’s vegan restaurants closer to my house, SunCafe would be it!

Super Sun Nachos / Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake (both gluten-free)

In addition to their amazing food, SunCafe is a restaurant with a lot of history and heart.  Throughout the event, owners Ron Russell and Rebecca Smith shared stories of their experience as new restaurant owners working 16-hour days, and how it was the positive feedback from their guests that kept them focused.  Russell mentioned one customer in particular who told him how plant-based eating had greatly improved his health, making it clear the positive impact this restaurant was destined to have.  Over the past ten years, several of LA’s top vegan chefs have called SunCafe home, and it’s not uncommon to find them on food critics’ “best of” lists.

One of my favorite things about SunCafe is that they’ve always been open and authentic about why they run a vegan restaurant — for animal rights, for the environment, and for human health.  The food is impressive enough on its own, but a business with a purpose I believe in is one I’ll gladly support.

SunCafe’s Kickstarter will run through the end of March, and offers exciting perks including food, merchandise, cooking classes, and special events.  Be sure to check it out, donate, and share to help make this new location a reality.

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