vegan crepes at downtown disney!

If you’ve been to Disneyland, you know the smell.  A kind of smelly smell.  A smelly smell that smells.. like churros.

Now, imagine being vegan and having that warm, sugary, pastry smell wafting into your nostrils literally all day long, with no way to sate your cravings.  If you understand this feeling, you’ll understand why I was so excited to learn that there is a food truck serving up sweet vegan crepes at the west end of Downtown Disney.


Crepes Bonaparte is a Food-Network-featured truck that once appeared on The Great Food Truck Race, and is now appearing in a temporary residency in between The Lego Store and Earl of Sandwich.  They’re not exclusively vegan, but they do offer a vegan batter and an extensive list of vegan toppings:

– apples
– avocado
– bananas
– bell peppers
– blackberries
– onions
– strawberries
– tomatoes
– walnuts
– chocolate
– cinnamon & sugar
– granulated sugar
– dairy-free whipped cream **
– lemon juice
– dijon mustard
– cookie butter
– peanut butter

** A note about the whipped cream:  I was told they do sometimes have a vegan version, but their standard whipped cream is not vegan although it is labeled “non-dairy.”  Employees were happy to let me peek at the ingredients to confirm for myself.  They did not have the vegan whip when I was there, but if they had I would have ordered it!


I ordered mine with strawberries, bananas, chocolate & powdered sugar.  It was great, and my first crepe in at least 9 years!  Next time I would probably add cinnamon & sugar and/or cookie butter, because that’s just how I live my best life.

The truck at Downtown Disney typically opens at 3pm, but be sure to check their posted schedule if you’re planning a visit.  I’ve also been told that the truck will only be at it’s Disney location until construction wraps up and new restaurants open — there’s no official date yet, but it’s estimated they’ll be moving out of Disney by early summer.

If you miss them, you can still get your fix at the Crepes Bonaparte restaurant located at 115 S Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton.  And the two trucks, known as Pierre and Gaston, will continue to make the rounds in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Bon appétit!

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